For the best quality and video support, we recommend using the following formats and settings when uploading videos to StreamYard's video library.

File Size

10GB is currently the max file size supported on Basic/Pro, and 25GB for StreamYard Premium/Growth/Business accounts.
Large video files will take a long time to upload (depending on your internet speed), so we recommend compressing larger videos using a tool like Handbrake (guide available here) before uploading.

File Format and Specifics

Currently .mp4 and .mov files are supported for uploading; we recommend using H.264 as the video encoding, and AAC as the audio encoding.
Here's a detailed table of the supported settings for each StreamYard plan:

Plan Max. Resolution FPS Max. Bitrate Max. Length
Basic 720p 30 15MB/s 1 Hour
Pro 1080p 30 15MB/s 2 Hours
Premium 1080p 30 15MB/s 4 Hours
Growth 1080p 30 15MB/s 8 Hours
Business 1080p 30 15MB/s 8 Hours

Matching your video to the above settings will provide the fastest uploads and best quality when viewing/streaming your videos.


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