StreamYard Business users can now upload custom fonts to use on streams!

These fonts will be used for banners, comments, display names, and tickers.

Here's how to upload and use a custom font

  1. Find a font! We recommend using a site like Dafont or Google's font library to find a font to use, though you can use any supported font.
    For this tutorial, we'll be using "KG Shake it Off".
    Make sure to take into account your font's license and any required attributions.
  2. Download your font of choice. It will download as a zip file. Double click the zip file to unzip the file and extract the folder of fonts. 
  3. Create/enter a StreamYard studio, and click the Brand tab on the right.
  4. Click the edit/pencil icon to the right of Font to open the font window, and click Add new font.
    Screenshot of font section
    Screenshot of add new font
  5. Enter a name to display for your font.
    We recommend using the name of your selected font, but you can enter anything.
    Screenshot of font name
  6. Upload your font files using the Upload buttons for each font weight.
    Depending on the font you choose, you may have multiple files, or only one.
    If you have one file, upload it as the Regular font.
    If you have multiple files, try to match them up to the requested font weights (Light, Regular, Bold etc) for the best results.
    Screenshot of font uploads
  7. Click Save, and your fonts will be processed. This will convert your fonts to the required formats, and may take a few seconds.

That's all! You can select which font set to use with the dropdown box in the Brand tab under Font.
Screenshot of font selector

Your font will apply to everything on-stream, including comments, banners, tickers, and nametags.
Screenshot of custom font used for comment


Are fonts stored per-team or per-workspace?

Fonts are stored per-team, and will be available in all workspaces, in all brand folders.

How many fonts can I upload?

You can upload 20 fonts per team.

Who can upload fonts?

Only Admins and Creators can upload fonts within a team.

How large can my font files be?

You can upload font files up to 3MB each.

What font file formats are supported?

We support otf, ttf, woff, and woff2 files. To convert a font from a different type, use a converter like Convertio.

Can I edit my font to add a new weight? 

It is not possible to edit an already existing saved font, and add a new weight to it. You will need to create a new font and upload all desired weights again.


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