Hotkeys let you easily assign "shortcut" buttons to common actions within the studio, making it easier to manage your streams/recordings while in a live session.
Hotkeys are saved per-person and are not shared between team members in the studio.

How to Use Hotkeys

1. First, enter a StreamYard studio. Then, click Settings > Hotkeys


2. All available hotkeys will be listed here, with the default hotkey we assigned to each function. To customize each hotkey, just click on the hotkey to edit it and assign your own keybinding. Keybindings can either be one specific keyboard button, or a combination of button presses. 



Delete a Hotkey

To delete a hotkey, click the X on the right. 


Using the Elgato Stream Deck with Hotkeys

Click here to learn more about using an Elgato StreamDeck with StreamYard's hotkey feature.


Is there a way to assign a specific asset from the Brand tab (video clip, overlay, etc.) to a hotkey?

There is not a way to assign a brand asset to a hotkey at this time. Each asset in your brand tab will need to be manually clicked on, to add it to the stream. 

Is there a way to assign each participant to a hotkey so I can show them on stream? 

There is not a way to assign specific participants in your studio to a hotkey, to show them on stream. In order to highlight participants in your stream, click the Solo layout icon in the top left corner of each participant's backstage card. 

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