Embedding your recording on your website is a great way to promote your live streamed content after the stream ends. StreamYard now offers embedding for recordings, right from your StreamYard Home page!

How do I embed the recording? 

  1. Go to your Past Broadcasts and find the recording you want to embed on your website. 
  2. Click the 3 dots next to it, then click "Embed & Share."
  3. Click the "Embed" tab, and click "Copy code" to copy the embed code.
  4. Navigate to your website and paste the embed code. Then, hit publish! 


What can I embed?

Any recording you create in the StreamYard studio.

Can I embed the live stream?

Not yet! Right now, you can only embed your recording after the live stream ends. 

Where can I embed my recording?

You can embed your recording on any website that allows you to paste HTML code in your content.

Are there any permissions associated with the embed code?

Currently, all embeds are visible for anyone with the embed code.

Can I change the embedding size on my website?

When you go to copy your embed code, you can select either the responsive size, or fixed size:

  • Responsive: There are no fixed dimensions. When you embed on your website, it will expand to fill the width of the space while keeping the appropriate ratio for the video.
  • Fixed: You have the ability to change the height or the width of the video. Depending on which one you change, the other will adapt to ensure that you always maintain the appropriate ratio for the video.


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