StreamYard's giveaway tool allows you to easily select a random member of your audience for a giveaway or drawing. Comments from all destinations are included, so it's a great way to increase audience engagement on your show. 

Here's how to use it:

  1. Create a broadcast from the StreamYard Home page.
  2. Engage your audience! Let them know you'll be hosting a giveaway/drawing, and tell them to leave a comment to enter. You can either specify text to be required in the comment, or include all comments. You can use a hashtag (eg: "#theyard"), word, or phrase for the text.
  3. In a new tab, open the StreamYard giveaway page, choose your team, and broadcast from the list.
  4. Enter the text you want to search comments for or leave it blank.
    The text is not case-sensitive (so, "#theyard" will also match "#THEYARD" and "#TheYard".)
    For this tutorial, we'll be using "#theyard".

  5. Optional: Check the box next to "Exclude winners when doing multiple draws" so that viewers can only win once for the specific broadcast.
  6. Click on Start Collecting Comments.
  7. To show the giveaway drawing to your audience, head back to the StreamYard studio and screen share the Giveaway tab by clicking Share at the bottom of the screen, then Share Screen.
    In Google Chrome, you can do this by sharing the giveaway Chrome tab:
    In Firefox (or other browsers), you can drag the giveaway tool into its own window, and share the window:
  8. Once you're ready to do the drawing, click Draw!
  9. After it decides on a winner, their name and profile picture will be shown on screen.
    The color of the winner text and confetti is based on your Brand color, and can be changed in the StreamYard studio in the Brand section.

Pro tip: Make sure to let your winner know where to reach you to send them their winnings!
You can use the same text/hashtag for multiple drawings, or change it up each time.

Giveaway tool not collecting certain comments? 

Are you streaming to a Facebook Group? Due to limitations on Facebook's end, StreamYard does not have access to view the profile information of commenters on Facebook Group's while default. Their comments will show as Facebook User in your studio, and their comments will not be collected by the Giveaway tool: 


These viewers will need to grant StreamYard access to their information at:, so that the Giveaway tool will collect their comments. Learn more here

Supported Platforms

Facebook LinkedIn YouTube Twitter Twitch Hopin* Custom RTMP

* Hopin Stages are supported, Hopin Sessions (connected with Custom RTMP) are not currently.


More resources about running giveaways on your stream


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