Cloud Recording - Individual Audio Tracks

StreamYard allows you to download a cloud individual audio track for each participant in your live stream to make post production editing much easier.

What are individual audio tracks?

Every audio source in your broadcast will be recorded as a separate audio file. This includes the audio from your guests, screen shares, local video files, and video clips.  The file names are based on your participant/video file names, and include the timestamps where they were located within the broadcast.

Note: Individual audio tracks are only available on the Professional Plan

How to turn individual audio tracks on? 

Create or enter a studio, click Settings, then head to Recording and check the box to Record a separate audio file for each participant. You must do this prior to going live or recording. If you have Local Recordings enabled, this setting will be on by default.


How to download individual audio tracks? 

1. After your broadcast ends, in the top right of your studio click Share, then click Download Recording.

2. We recommend using Local Recordings as your main mode for recording each participant's Video and Audio. As such, the individual audio recordings will be labeled as "backup audio recordings" in the download window. Click Download. Each participant's audio will be downloaded as a WAV file, and each video asset's audio will be an MP3 file.

Note: These files are not recorded locally, they are recorded in the cloud. 

What do the individual audio file names mean?

The individual audio files are named with a timestamp, and the name of the user/video the audio is for.
The timestamp is in "hour;minute;second;millisecond" format.
For example, "01;48;03;44_Geige.wav" would mean that Geige's audio was added at 1 hour, 48 minutes, 3 seconds, 44 milliseconds into the stream.


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