StreamYard lets you stream to your Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Twitch account all at the same time!

You can multi-stream to

  • 3 destinations on the Basic Plan
  • 8 destinations on the Professional, Premium, and Growth Plan
  • 10 destinations on the Business plan

Multi-streaming is only available on our paid plans.

How to Multi-stream

  1. Go to your Home Page and create a live stream.
  2. Select each destination you want to go live to by clicking on it. If it is highlighted with a blue circle around it, it has been successfully selected. 
  3. Add your Title and Description. You can customize these for each platform in the next step.
  4. Next, you can enter the studio and click Go Live to begin your stream!


Can I multi-stream to multiple accounts/pages on the same platform? 

Yes. You can stream to multiple pages/accounts at the same time on a single platform (Youtube, Twitch, Facebook, and Twitter). LinkedIn does not support multi-streaming at this time. 

Can I stream to multiple On-Air webinars? 

It is not possible to stream to multiple On-Air webinars at this time. You can however, add other social media destinations to your On-Air livestream. 



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