Not ready to “Go Live” yet? No problem! There are a few ways to do a test live stream before going live publicly.

Private YouTube Stream

The easiest way to test live streaming is to do a Private live stream to your YouTube channel. Once you connect your YouTube channel as a destination on StreamYard, you can create a broadcast. Choose your YouTube channel as the destination and change the Privacy menu to Private. Then you’re able to go live, but only you can see the video.


Choosing the Unlisted option in the privacy menu will work for this as well -- Unlisted YouTube streams are not listed on your channel, they are only viewable by the specific URL. Use this option if you want to send your test stream to a friend.


StreamYard has a recording feature on all plans. You can test things out by recording your session instead of streaming to a destination. When you Create choose Recording instead!


After you’ve finished recording a test stream, download your recording from the Library or Past Streams and Recordings page.


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