Focus your workflow on StreamYard with our new Podcast Plan! A recording-focused plan for video and audio content.

What's Included in the Podcast Plan?

The podcast plan has all the features of the Free Plan as well as:

  • Unlimited 1080p local recording
  • No StreamYard logo on your recordings
  • Unlimited streaming (720p)
  • All branding features (Overlays, Backgrounds, Music, etc...)
  • 10 on-screen participants in the studio
  • Live streams are recorded (720p)
  • 1 hour pre-recorded live streams
  • 2 Team seats
  • 50 hours of storage for recordings


Can I multi-stream with the Podcast Plan?
No. Since the plan is designed with recording in mind, streaming is limited to one destination at a time.

Will the cloud recording be in 1080p?
No, only the local recordings will be in 1080p.



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