How Can I Collect TOS/Privacy Policy Agreement from Viewers of My On-Air Webinar?

Using StreamYard's custom fields functionality, you can easily include a Terms of Service/Privacy Policy agreement in the registration forms for your webinars! 

1. In your On-Air webinar's settings panel, select Registration on the left-hand side

Screenshot 2023-09-08 at 2.07.39 PM.png

2. Here, select the Add button, and then choose Checkbox Field. 

Screenshot 2023-09-10 at 6.08.22 PM.png

3. Type the text you would like into the field, then highlight the section you'd like to hyperlink. Next, click the link icon to link the text to your privacy policy document. 

Link privacy policy.JPG

4. In the box that appears, paste the link to your document of choice, and click Save changes when finished. 

privacy policy.JPG

5. Now, when attendees register for your webinar, they can click on the blue linked text to view your Privacy Policy/TOS, and check the box to agree!

privacy policy agree.JPG

Learn more about using custom registration fields with StreamYard On-Air here



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