If you do multiple shows using StreamYard, you can use StreamYard's spaces to organize your account in an easy and convenient way! Spaces are currently only available on our Business plan.

If you have an existing StreamYard account and are upgrading to Business, your past recordings and brand assets will all be saved. After being upgraded, your existing account will become the first Space for your team (named "First Show" by default). 

Creating a Space

1. In order to create a new Space, click the + sign next to Spaces

Screenshot 2023-09-17 at 8.05.27 PM.png 

2. Here, you can title your new Space, and then click Create Space


3. You can click the Create button to create a new broadcast in your Space. Broadcasts and brand folders are not shared across Spaces, making this a great way to organize your streams if you do multiple shows using StreamYard!

Managing a Space

1. Click the three dots next to your Space and click Settings to go to the settings menu. 


2. Here, you can edit the name of your space, or delete it from your account entirely. 


3. Recordings of past broadcasts will be organized in your video library in folders per space. Clicking on the space name will allow you to enter the folder and view/delete recordings. 


4. You can also assign certain members of your Team to only have access to specific spaces. Navigate to your members tab, and click on All Spaces next to the member of your choice to assign which spaces they have access to. 




Is there a way to duplicate a space?

No, there is not a way to duplicate a space at this time. 

Can I copy one of my brands over from one space to another?

No, brands on spaces are separate and cannot be copied over to other spaces. 

How many spaces can I have on the business plan? 

The amount of spaces on your account can vary based on your plan details with us. A standard amount of spaces on our business plan is 30. 

Are destinations on my account shared across spaces? 

Yes, all destinations added in the destinations tab on your account are shared across spaces. 






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