Use Headlines (also known as secondary name tags) to show a job title, headline, or even a social media handle below your display name! It's available on all plans. 

Hosts: How to Enable Studio Headlines

  1. From inside the studio, click Brand at the left.
  2. Under Themes, toggle Show headlines to on.
  3. Enter and save your headline.

That's it. Here's an example of how it looks:


How Do Studio Headlines Work for Guests?

Guests will be asked to enter their headline along with their name when joining the studio. Adding a headline is optional. 


How to Customize Studio Headlines

The way the headline label looks will depend on the theme that you have selected within the brand folder. The same applies to the display name label. You can choose to use the bubble, classic, minimal, or block theme. The GIF below shows how each theme looks:


If you're on the Business plan, your custom fonts will also apply to the headline!


Can I edit my headline?
Yes. Like your name, you can edit your headline before joining the studio or when already inside a studio. To edit it from within the studio, click on the three dots > Edit name & headline > edit your headline  > save.

Hosts can edit their guests' headlines as well!

Will my guests need to re-add their headline if I disable and re-enable the feature?
No. The headline that they had before it was disabled will be saved and shown again when the feature is re-enabled.

Can clickable links be added to the headline?
This is not supported at this time.

What happens if I switch to a different brand folder while Studio Headlines is enabled?
The headline will be removed if the next brand folder doesn’t have the feature enabled. You can quickly enable it for the other brand tab as well if needed!

What is the character limit for the headline?
The limit is 50 characters.

Are emojis supported in the headline?
Yes, they are!

What if no headline is added, will it show an empty bubble?
No. The field will be hidden if nothing is added.

Can you add multiple headlines?
Only one line is supported, however, you can add multiple layers as shown in the screenshot below:headline_layers.JPG

Can guests add their own headline? 

Yes! The guests can edit their headline at anytime. 

Can hosts edit the guest's headline? 

Yes. The host can edit any participants headline. 



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